Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Twilight Killer and Recital Week

I recently re-watched all the Blade movies.  I almost forgot how awesome they all are.  Back when vampires were considered crazy killing monsters.  Now they eat cows and sparkle in the sunlight.  Anyways, I tried a new coloring technique I recently learned by watching an awesome tutorial by artist Patrick Brown.  After finishing Blade I wanted to kinda make a scene for him to fit in but ran out of time.  I left it sketchy but hopefully it still reads well.  This week has been a pretty eventful and fun week since our recitals will be going on all week.  Ive been back and forth from the Saroyan Theater.  Last nights show went amazing and was lots of fun.  Tonight Ninja Quest performs!  Come check out the show and buy a t-shirt!  Show starts at 6 pm at the Saroyan.  Hope to see you there!

Monday, June 13, 2011


I was asked by a friend to draw Batman in my more simplified cartoony style of drawing.  I came out with this version of Batman.  I always was a fan of the blue and grey suit and chunky utility belt.  After looking at this drawing I felt I could of pushed the exaggerations a little more, but every day is a learning process so its ok.  Until next time...

Friday, June 3, 2011

Please Vote for my NINJAS!

Hello Everyone!
The link above will take you to a website where you can not only watch my Ninja Quest Production number but also vote for it to win the Regional Dance Off! All the top dance numbers from around the west coast were chosen to compete in this online competition.  All of your votes will greatly be appreciated! Please help us, The Dance Studio of Fresno, become number one in the West Coast Dance Explosion Regional Dance Off!  Thanks for your support!

In other news, the Ninja Quest t-shirts have arrived!  They come in all sizes for men and women.  They are available through contacting myself or at The Dance Studio of Fresno.  They go for $25 a shirt and have already begun to sell quickly at the studio.  All the proceeds go to The Dance Studio of Fresno Booster Club.  Thanks for stopping by and more artwork to come soon.