Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Twilight Killer and Recital Week

I recently re-watched all the Blade movies.  I almost forgot how awesome they all are.  Back when vampires were considered crazy killing monsters.  Now they eat cows and sparkle in the sunlight.  Anyways, I tried a new coloring technique I recently learned by watching an awesome tutorial by artist Patrick Brown.  After finishing Blade I wanted to kinda make a scene for him to fit in but ran out of time.  I left it sketchy but hopefully it still reads well.  This week has been a pretty eventful and fun week since our recitals will be going on all week.  Ive been back and forth from the Saroyan Theater.  Last nights show went amazing and was lots of fun.  Tonight Ninja Quest performs!  Come check out the show and buy a t-shirt!  Show starts at 6 pm at the Saroyan.  Hope to see you there!

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Panic Attack Guy said...

The Twilight Killer in full effect leaping over a mass crowd of overly sensitive heart-broken vampires who found out the Twilight Saga was ending. There only desire now is have Blade (Twilight Killer) smite them down with his mighty gun and sword in hand, in hope that they will go to Twilight heaven where every vampire owns a copy of the Twilight Saga.

Chris (The Twilight Killer of sector 1482)