Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Nightmare On Fulton Street

Thank you so much to everyone that came out to the art show! I had a blast and was happy to see friends, family, and new friends. Here are some of the pieces that I featured from the art show. I will have pictures and video of the show coming soon!
Nacho! One of my all time favorite movies inspired me to create this. I think Nacho Libre has a good variety of different looks throughout the movie. I had fun recreating all of his costumes. Next I plan on giving all the other movie characters a shot with my design style.
Thriller Night. Michael Jackson is one of the biggest influences in my life when it comes to dance and art. I was always scared as a little kid of the Thriller music video. I now found the courage to recreate one of my all time favorites! The werewolf transformation.
Z Carvings. Growing up I watched and learned a lot about Zorro since my dad was always a big fan. I revisited this older piece to add some lighting and a better background. Zorro will always be one of my favorite heroes.
The Monster Squad. Nothing gets me in the Halloween spirit more than the original Universal monsters. I wanted to draw my own chibi style take on them. I felt the need to leave them a bit sketchy and unfinished looking. I like the rawness and fresh way they turned out.
MJ Monstar. One of my good friends, David Jite, gave me the idea to draw what Michael Jordan would look like if one of the aliens from the Space Jam movie stole his powers. Michael seemed to have handled all the aliens with the Looney Toons as a normal human. Who knows how awesome he would have been as a monstar!

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