Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sketch Book Fun

I have been working on many drawings since Christmas and my new years resolution is to draw more than ever before! I usually have friends ask to see my sketch book and ask me to put some of my sketchbook drawings on my blog.  Well, here are a couple drawings I did in my latest sketchbook for fun.  The first is a pencil sketch of the KRAKEN from the new Clash of the Titans movie.  The second is funny drawing I did out of frustration with my phone, (old iphone 3G), never working right or getting reception.  I sometimes feel like I want to fight my iphone! So that is how this sketch came about.  I never really color with color pencils but I went for it on this one.  I will have a lot of artwork posted soon so check back frequently friends! Hope everyone is enjoying the new year.

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